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How AGO Q&A Games Work:

AGO Q&A focuses the classroom conversation onto sets everyday questions that are interesting and useful.
Players practice asking and answering these questions as they play the game, and soon it becomes second nature!

AGO is fun and gets everyone talking, so it's great a way to start a lesson, or play at the end as a reward for hard work in class.

Questions are dynamic (i.e. answers structures are given, but players customise them, so you still have to think about it), they pop up in random order, and players practice both asking and answering. Plus, teachers can mix question cards from between different AGO levels - This makes AGO an ideal way to continuously review material out of sequence.

Playing AGO at home is a sure way to get students SPEAKING English outside class. It's homework that is willingly done. Siblings and parents enjoy playing and learning, too!

Supplementary materials such as an Award Card are available to help measure progress, reward good play, and encourage positive behaviours (e.g. only using English for the duration of the game).


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  AGO Elton

AGO was nominated for a prestigious
ELTon award in 2012!
What's an ELTon award?

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