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Transforming Your School With AGO

Alongside the goal of making AGO lots of fun, we tried to make to make it as useful and practical for teachers and students. A good way to tie these goals together, is by offering players an award card. Students take this to class, and earn stamps or stickers for good play. It also makes it easy for teachers to measure progress, and reward positive behaviours (such as only speaking English for the entire duration of the game). Trust us, it works like magic!


AGO award sheet

The above award card is downloadable for free from this website. Students earn stickers or stamps for completing the tasks, filling their sheet up throughout the year. 


Why Do Students Need AGO?

  • AGO maximizes speaking time; players spend equal time asking and answering questions.
  • It works so well! Students enjoy playing and learn the language naturally as they play.
  • The questions feature heavily in English tests such as JAPEC and EIKEN.
  • Playing AGO is a realistice way to get students speaking English outside the classroom.
  • Many of the words on the cards are high frequency words, so the cards are also good reading practice. Click here to view the AGO Aqua vocabulary. 

Why Do Schools Need AGO?

  • Students need to learn these questions, both for conversational ability and to pass tests.
  • It's an extremely practical and efficient teaching tool, that's fun and easy to use.
  • The AGO cards can be used in many ways and with many English levels - from beginner kids, right up to adults.
  • Your students will love it, and reach new plateaus!

Why add AGO to your curriculum?

Once you start using AGO in your school, many of your students will want their own set, so why disappoint them?

From an educational perspective, there is a lot of benefit to children owning their own set of AGO cards - kids are fascinated by cards in general, but more importantly we've found that children do play at home - often several times a week, and this is often the only English SPEAKING experience that they get outside class. It also makes it easy to set a whole range of fun homework tasks involving the cards.

We have also made materials to get the parents on your side - such as a letter templates, outlining the goals of using AGO, and how they can help, plus a crib sheet, with translations of the language for parents to refer to.

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Each pack comes with an Award Card, and  Completion Certificate.  

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