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AGO Last Card Rules (phonics and Q&A)

AGO Q&A 1st Edition Instruction Sheets: AGO Q&A Question Translations (English-Japanese): 
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(There are several game play ideas on each sheet).

AGO Q&A First Editions AGO Q&A Second Editions
AGO Aqua AGO Q&A Aqua
AGO Green AGO Q&A Green
AGO Orange AGO Q&A Orange
All three levels in one PDF file AGO Q&A Purple

AGO Phonics Instruction Sheets:


Instruction sheets from first editions, each containing several game ideas). Printable vocab cards for AGO Phonics Aqua (2nd ed)

AGO Helper App Links:

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Q&A Soundpad

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unlock all features).

Q&A Soundpad (home edition)

Requires AGO box set code to unlock.

Phonics Soundpad

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Phonics Soundpad (home edition)

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AGO Videos:
AGO Last Card Rules (Q&A) AGO Last Card Rules (Phonics) AGO Phonics High Card Wins Demo

More AGO Videos:
5 ways to play AGO AGO Q&A App Demo AGO Phonics App Demo

More AGO Videos:

Rapid Questions & Answers

AGO as a board game AGO Q&A signature Game

AGO Phonics Game Boards:

AGO Halloween Crossword worksheet
AGO Phonics Game Board 1

AGO Phonics Game Board 2

AGO Phonics Game Board 3 AGO Phonics Game Board 4 AGO Phonics Game Board 5 Double Game Board 1


AGO Signature Game Boardsheet:

(print these sheets and give to students when playing 'AGO signature game' in larger classes)

AGO Halloween Materials:

AGO Halloween Crossword worksheet
Halloween Card game Rules

AGO Halloween Boardgame Rules


AGO Halloween Videos 
AGO Halloween Introduction AGO Halloween Speed Match
Game Demo
AGO Halloween Board Game
Extension Rules


AGO Christmas Worksheets:


AGO Q&A Aqua Extras:

 AGO A4 poster download link 

AGO Aqua Poster

An A4 printable version of the AGO Aqua poster, that can function as a picture dictionary. (free download in A4 size)

  AGO Aqua keywords image 

Q&A Aqua Keywords ebook
Printable flashcards for the 36 most frequently occurring words in AGO Aqua/

 AGO esl game award sheet AQUA  

AGO Aqua Award Sheet
A simple way to motivate and reward students for good play.



AGO ESL game Aqua certificate

AGO Aqua Completion Certificate

Aqua completion certificate.


AGO Q&A can be mastered in the first year of English study!

Here's an article for teachers on how to achieve that with ease (click)...

AGO Q&A Orange / Purple Extras:

AGO Orange Riddles link

Riddles worksheet. The purple 9 trivia card was the hardest card in the AGO Orange 1st Edition deck. For that reason, it got cut from the second edition! However, it was a favorite amongst those that could handle it, so an improved version of it reappeared in Q&A Purple. This worksheet takes the card further, provides some background info on and has extra riddles to try!


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