A GO card game

AGO Phonics is designed for younger students learning to read. It can be played at home (with parents, or set as homework), or in English classes.

The main benefits of playing are: it's fun!, players quickly learn to recognize all of the target vocabulary on the cards very quickly, and through the clear presentation of the target phonemes on each card, students effortlessly and naturally learn how the the target phonemes function.

AGO phonics works best when used alongside a phonics coursebook and readers. When used effectively, capable students can work through all three decks within a year, after which students are ready to tackle bigger and better things!

The AGO Phonics sound pad matches the content of the cards, and makes it easy for non native speakers to model correct pronunciation outside of the classroom.

The AGO playing deck is optimized for "Last Card" - which is a Crazy 8's typegame. Just like a regular deck of playing cards, AGO cards are versatile and many different games can be played. More game ideas can be found here.



AGO Phonics decks contain 36 different target phonemes and over 100 words to practice in each deck! Target phoneme sounds are highlighted on the cards, with three illustrated examples for each. Engaging game play ensures students' focus and attention!

Level 1 (Aqua) Practices: A-Z, plus 10 "double letter" sounds (bb, ck, dd, ff, nn, pp, rr, ss, tt, zz)

Level 2 (Green) Practices: Blends and consonant digraphs (sh, ch, ph, th, wh), single letter long vowel sounds, and "magic e".

Level 3 (Orange) Practices: Vowel digraphs, diphthongs, soft sounds, r controlled vowels, silent letters, and more...!

64 x 89 mm
53 cards (36 phonics cards & 17 action cards)
1 rule cards (English)
1 Website Information Card.

What’s new in 2nd edition:

The last 10 cards have been changed for “double letters”. (bb, ck, dd, ff, tt, pp, rr, ss, tt, zz).
Why? These phonemes were chosen as they can be sounded easily by applying the same rules for sounding out single letter sounds (so they are more accessible for beginners).
Some vocab items were changed. Some graphics were improved.
The result… an easier to use set of cards, with a more cohesive set of phoneme targets suitable for beginners!

The phoneme targets have been rearranged and are now more focused and delineated. Specifically, long vowel sound digraphs have all been moved to level 3. Digraphs and blends from 1st edition Aqua have migrated here in their place (ch,ph,sh,th,wh,nk,ng). Some vocab items were changed. Some graphics were improved.

All “word families” (air, are, eigh, ore etc.) have been cut. (Many will feature in AGO Phonics purple (4th level), due for release in late 2016).
Vowel digraphs from Green level, plus soft sounds from Aqua level first editions have migrated to Orange level. 
A few new phonemes are introduced (er in medial positions, silent g, voiced th).
Some vocab items were changed. Some graphics were improved.
The end result… an easier to use set of cards, with a more cohesive set of phoneme targets!

Note: instructions are only in English in 2nd edition single AGO decks, with QR code links and web-links to Japanese instructions and videos. A Japanese instruction sheet is included with AGO box sets.

All decks have: 55 cards (36 phonic cards, 17 action cards an English instruction card, and an information card (with QR code to view multilingual instructions)

Box size: 64 x 89 mm.

AGO Phonics Aqua: Practices: A-Z, soft c, soft g, ch, ph, sh, th, wh, ck, ng, nk. (best for absolute beginners)

AGO Phonics Green: Practices: consonant blends (bl, gr, sm, etc), and long vowel sounds (including magic e).
(this deck is best for students that know the basic letter sounds, and can sound out simple words)

AGO Phonics Orange: Practices: diphthongs, vowel digraphs, r controlled vowels, and a few useful word families (basically harder and less intuitive phonemes and patterns are practiced!) (This deck offers a fast way to introduce a whole lot of the harder phonemes really quickly!)


AGO Phonics Sound Pad App.

The AGO Phonics Sound Pad makes it easy for those learning to read, including EFL / ESL students to hear clearly voiced phonic sounds and related English vocabulary at the touch of a button!

Within the app, there are three pages of sound boards. Each has 36 different target phonemes displayed as buttons on the screen. Touch the button to hear its sound. After pushing a button, three illustrated word examples of the target phoneme appear at the bottom. Touch these to listen to them, too.

Content matches the best selling AGO Phonics card games series, and is designed to make it easy and this app is in part designed to make it quick and easy for beginner from non-English speaking backgrounds to reference and hear unknown words quickly and easily, and thus making the AGO phonics card games accessible to absolute beginners, outside of the English classroom - who might otherwise be stumped by vocab gaps, or a lack of confidence in their own pronunciation.

The AGO Phonics sound pad goes far beyond the ABC's - over the three levels, over 100 of the most common phonemes used in the English language are covered, including consonant blends, digraphs, r controlled vowels, diphthongs, long vowel sounds, silent letters and more!