A GO card game

JGO is a fun and interesting way for beginners to dip their toes in the Japanese language, and practice some simple and useful question structures.

JGO Aqua features 36 easy questions for students of Japanese to practice, and 18 action cards to make the learning fun!

"romaji" (English script) subtitles are lightly ghosted under Japanese writing to assist beginners.

Based on AGO Card Game, JGO's questions are rich with picture clues that offer hints, inspiration, add context and ensure students pick up the language really quickly!  

JGO Aqua card game images



English translation of the JGO Aqua questions.

A4 JGO Aqua Poster (contains all JGO related vocab).


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You can also find AGO in many bookstores with an ELT section throughout Japan such as Junkudo, Maruzen and Kinokuniya.

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