AGO Halloween

AGO Halloween card game features 55 jumbo sized cards with Halloween scenes and “keyword” sentences at the bottom.

The Basics:

Players match KEYWORDS between cards on their turn. (In contrast to other AGO games where you match color or number).

Besides Halloween related vocabulary, reading, scanning, grammar and prepositions of place skills are practiced as students play.
“Pick up” cards and the all new “Magic” action cards add to the excitement!

AGO Halloween Downloads

AGO Halloween Crossword worksheet  
AGO Halloween Boardgame Rules
(new for 2018!)

AGO Halloween Videos

AGO Halloween Introduction AGO Halloween Speed Match Demo AGO Halloween Boardgame Rules



You can play a version of “AGO Last Card” (i.e. a crazy 8’s style game) by matching keywords on your turn. All action cards are now "wild". The "Magic" card allows you take another turn after playing it, and it changes the direction.

Advanced players will enjoy playing the new “Speed Match” game which combines speed and strategy. In this game, cards are divided evenly between players. Players then race to play cards with a keyword that matches the previous card.
First to play all cards wins.

Low level beginners can play "Go Fish", where the object is simply to match cards with the same title. A pick up card allows you to add X cards to your hand. The Magic card allows you to play again after a "go fish". Most pairs at the end, wins!

(and now in 2018, there is a boardgame extension available as well).


New For 2018! AGO Halloween Boardgame Extension!

Note that this boardgame requires AGO Halloween cards to use, and colored game chips.

The boardgame is A2 sized when unfolded.
It's printed on high quality135gsm poster paper, full color on both sizes.


AGO Halloween FAQ:

Q: Some verbs and nouns are left black. Is that intentional?

A: Yes. Non repeating words, or words that are always paired with the same keyword are not color coded (ie. as they only appear once, they can't be matched, and would just be a distraction if color coded).

Q: Are for example "Bat" and "Bats" considered the same word, or different?

A: Single and plural forms of nouns are considered the same (i.e. these words can be matched together despite one word having an extra s).

Q: When playing with 'Last Card' rules, can I play multiple cards with the same keyword together?

A: Only if it's the title keyword - i.e. you could play two 'skeleton' cards on one turn, but you couldn't for example play all your cards with the keyword 'in' together.

Q: What if there is more than one keyword match between cards?

Just treat it as if there is just a single match. I.e. it makes no difference.

Q: Any other ideas for ways to use the cards?

Of course! We encourage teachers and players to be creative. Some ideas that didn't make the instruction card / or have filtered back to us are: Playing charades (put several character cards face up on a table. A student has to act out a scene from a card, and others guess which scene, Snap (for absolute beginners only). "Karuta" type games to practice comparatives and superlatives / identifying (i.e. place some cards face up on the table, ask students - which card is the scariest, which character is the fastest, which characters can fly, which one is holding treasure, etc. Storytelling - i.e. students have to pick out some cards and use the scenes as background info or inspiration to write a story... Let us know if you have any good ideas, too!


Where to Buy the Cards:

AGO Halloween cards are widely available in Japan in bookshops with ELT sections, or you can buy online from one of these retailers'

Buy AGO online in Japan:  (click to visit their AGO sales page)

Buy at foreign buyers club  AGO at Kids Mart

AGO at Little America         

You can also find AGO in many bookstores with an ELT section throughout Japan such as Junkudo, Maruzen and Kinokuniya.

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