AGO Christmas card game has 54 poker sized game cards, plus an instruction sheet. It contains 36 Christmas themed Q&A questions, reinforcing AGO Q&A Aqua and Green content, plus introducting a few new things as well.


There's also a huge A1 poster that reinforces the games vocabulary and is sure to brighten up any bedroom or classroom!


Free AGO Christmas Work Sheets:

AGO Christmas Crosswords, a word search, and poster with blanks to fill (using answers from the word search).

Where to Buy AGO Cards:

AGO Christmas cards are widely available in Japan in bookshops with ELT sections, or you can buy online from one of these retailers:

International Orders: Click Here:

Buy AGO online in Japan:  (click to visit their AGO sales page)

Buy at foreign buyers club  AGO at Kids Mart

AGO at Little America         

You can also find AGO in many bookstores with an ELT section throughout Japan such as Junkudo, Maruzen and Kinokuniya.